Ultimate Emergency Kit - Prepper Pack Meal Kit

Ultimate Emergency Kit - Prepper Pack Meal Kit

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Manufacture ID: 01-152

Wise Food Supply 52 Serving Emergency Food Supply


- Great Taste - To ensure optimal taste, texture and nutritional value, Wise Food's entrees consists of both freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients.
- Extended Shelf Life - Up to 25 years
- Quick Cook - Add water and ready to eat in 12 to 15 minutes
- Smart Packaging - Ready-made meals are packaged in mylar pouches, and then encased in durable plastic containers thus preserving food and eliminating waste
- Lightweight and Condensed
- Grab and Go Food Kits - Packaged in durable plastic containers providing a stackable design, added protection to meals, and ease of grab and go in case of emergency
- Affordable - Gourmet emergency meals at the best price!

Package Includes:

- Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini (4 Servings)
- Savory Stroganoff (4 Servings)
- Tomato Basil Soup with Pasta (4 Servings)
- Southwest Rice and Beans (4 Servings)
- Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain (4 Servings)
- Apple Cinnamon Cereal (4 Servings)
- Orange Delight Drink Mix( 16 Servings)
- Whey Milk Alternative (12 Servings)