Ultimate Emergency Kit - 72 Hour Kit, 9 Pouches

Ultimate Emergency Kit - 72 Hour Kit, 9 Pouches

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Manufacture ID: 05-913

Wise Company is excited to expand on it's popular line of Long-Term and Emergency Preparedness food with a new line of Camping and Backpacking food. These smaller servings are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or the prepper on the go. Just add hot water and instantly you are treated to a warm delicious meal in just about any environment. These pouches have a 7 year shelf life and are perfect for the car, boat, or RV! Stock up now and make sure you are never unprepared with Wise Company foods.


- 72 Hour Camping/Backpacking Kit
- Freeze Dried Six Entrees
- Three Breakfasts
- 2 servings per pouch
- Lightweight and Packable
- 7 Year Shelf Life
- Perfect for Camping and Backpacking
- Made in the USA
- 9 Pouch Kit