Tactical Series - 4, Black

Tactical Series - 4, Black

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Tactical Series - 4, Black
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The Tactical Series 4 sleeping bag is an extreme winter temperature bag enjoying all the same features as the Tactical 2 & Tactical 3 with a substantial fill of the proprietary high performance Softie? Premier Insulation. One would have to travel to the ends of the earth to be cold in this phenomenal first-rate sleeping bag. The outstanding quality and craftsmanship of the UK based production personnel can be seen in the Tactical Series range of sleeping bags.


- Fill: Softie Premier Insulation, Reflectatherm Space-Age Heat Reflective Fabric
- Shell: Paratex Steelplate - Extra Tough Fabric
- Liner: Thermal Suede One (TS1)


- Color: Black
- Length: 86"
- Width: 65"
- Weight: 74 oz.
- Pack Size: 9" x 8"
- Temperature Rating: 10eF / 1eF