Survival Blanket 2.0, Orange

Survival Blanket 2.0, Orange

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Survival Blanket 2.0, Orange
Manufacture ID: 20-PGR0010-08

The lightweight Survival Blanket 2.0 provides all-weather protection by reflecting your own body heat back to you. Use for warmth in a tent or in emergency situations.


- Ideal for carrying in a day pack for emergencies, or as part of an emergency kit for your car or home
- Windproof and waterproof
- Lightweight but durable for use over and over again
- High-visibility reflective surface works for emergency signaling
- Use inside of, or wrapped around, a sleeping bag for extra warmth on cold nights
- Polyethylene, reinforced fabric, and metalized polyester

Additional Uses Include:

– Make a lean-to shelter by lashing ropes through the corner grommets
– Use as a ground cloth to reflect heat up
– Wrap cold/frozen food in it for transport


- Size: 60" x 83"
- Weight: 13.6 oz.
- Color: Orange/Silver Reflective