Strion LED Light - 120V AC and 12V DC, Kryptek

Strion LED Light - 120V AC and 12V DC, Kryptek

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A powerful value that's perfect for the broadest range of lighting needs. IPX4-rated for water-resistance. Anti-roll ring included. Optional model with adjustable Grip Ring provides a sure-grip for easy one-handed operation.


- 2 meter impact-resistance tested.
- Anti-roll ring included.
- With 120V AC/12V DC – 1 PiggyBack


- Lumens: 260(High), 130(Medium), 65(Low)
- Candela: 10,000 High, 5,000 Medium 2,500 Low
- Distance: 200m(High), 141m(Medium), 100m(Low)
- Run Time: 2h(High), 4h(Medium), 7h 30m(Low)
- Battery: Lithium-ion with on-board safety control circuit. 3.75V, 2000m Ah minimum.
- Size: 5.9" x 1.25" x .95"
- Weight: 5.2 oz.
- Color: Kryptek