Adventure Dog Series - Workin Dog

Adventure Dog Series - Workin Dog

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Adventure Dog Series - Workin Dog
Manufacture ID: 0135-0100

Whether you and your buddy are working cattle or checking fence together, Adventure Medical Kits' Adventure Dog Series Workin' Dog Kit ensures you have everything you need to keep your four-legged sidekick safe.

Kit Includes:

- One 24"L x 3"W QuikClot Advanced clotting gauze
- One styptic pencil
- One pair of nitrile gloves
- One pet-first-aid booklet
- One LED headlamp
- One 5-ft. nylon leash
- One 84"L x 56"W Survive Outdoors Longer emergency blanket
- One splinter picker/tick-remover foreceps
- One 4" EMT shears
- One 5.5" hemostat foreceps
- One triangular bandange
- Three safety pins
- One Instant Cold pack
- One irrigation syringe (20cc)
- Two saline solutions (100ml)
- One disposable skin stapler (35 wide staples)
- One skin-staple remover
- Three Triple Antiobotic ointment
- Six antiseptic wipes
- Two alcohol wipes
- One 3" self-adhering elastic bandage
- One 2" self-adhering elastic bandage
- One 2" conformine gauze bandage
- One 3" conforming gauze bandage
- Four 4"L x 3"W nonadherent sterile dressing
- Four 3"L x 2"W nonadherent sterile dressing
- Four antihistamine
- One 0.75-oz. hydrogen peroxide
- One 0.5-oz. eye wash


- Dimensions: 8.5"L x 5.5"W x 6"H
- Weight: 2 lbs 5oz