11-in-1 Pocket Multi-Function Card
11-in-1 Pocket Multi-Function Card

11-in-1 Pocket Multi-Function Card

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11-in-1 Multifunction Pocket Card

Smaller than a credit card and fits into your wallet

Leather pouch included

Made from one piece stainless steel.

Easy to carry, Easy to carry very useful product,

Adjustable Wrench, positioning key, direction indication, hex wrench, bottle opener, side cutter, screwdriver, ruler centimeter opener and hole (can be hung on a keychain)

Do you find yourself packing the whole tool box into your backpack because you just can't decide which tools will come in handy? This Multifunctional Credit Card Toolkit will end your packing nightmares. Eleven different tools have been compacted to a piece of metal card that you can easily store in your wallet (it's smaller than your credit card). This Multifunctional Credit Card Toolkit has a can opener, a screwdriver, a ruler, a bottle opener, three wrenches of different shapes, and a protractor. Have one in your wallet and use as a bottle opener, have one in your home and use the jagged teeth to remove fish scales and the small edge to remove skins from fruits, or have it in your trouser pocket in your next camping adventure and use the cut to cut through wood and branches. The uses are endless depending what type of situation you are in and what needs to be done. Get one for your home, office or camping bag.